File Indexing

Properly Organizing your Business Records

Getting a handle on the entirety of your organization’s business records can be a challenge.  File retention periods can vary based on the type of record, the needs of each department and specific regulatory requirements.  Managing documents that are spread out over facilities and geographical locations can add to the complexity of it all.


File Indexing Service

Applying tracking barcode to file folder after indexing service completed.

Stevens & Stevens offers complete file indexing services to help improve your company’s records management program.  We offer customized solutions for each client by combining:

  • records and information management industry best practices
  • thorough regulatory knowledge
  • in depth organizational analysis

Whether you have a file room that needs to be properly indexed or require a complete and detailed ledger for your offsite inventory, we’ll provide you with the expertise you need.

Professional file indexing services

Proper file indexing is key to a strong records management program.  Unfortunately, many times, files are placed in boxes or filing cabinets with an utter disregard to maintaining a proper index or master inventory.  As a result, finding and retrieving documents can be a time and resource intensive process.

Stevens and Stevens offers an efficient file indexing solution that facilitates proper retention, accurate and expedient retrieval and proper regulatory compliance.  We provide the labor and expertise to ensure that your inactive and semi-active records are properly and precisely labeled for retention.  In the meantime, you get to continue to focus on what you do best.

After assessing the number and types of index fields that best fit your business and industry, one of our trained team members will transport your files back to our records center where they are sorted, organized and tracked according to but not limited to the following fields:

  • file type
  • department
  • date range
  • retention period
  • container description

All information is entered into our inventory management database.  With our secure online client portal, you are able to see a complete listing of your inventory and the specific data associated with each file and are ensured secure round the clock retrieval and delivery.

To find out more about our file indexing services, please contact us by phone or fill in the form on the page.