Destruction Collection Container Options

A Secure Repository for Disposing of your Documents

Destruction Collection Containers

SSBRM secure collection console. Furniture-like, this console can sit anywhere in your offices and not look out of place.

Most businesses are swimming in paper.  File cabinets full of old business records take up costly office space that can be used to generate revenue.  Regularly disposing of no longer needed documents can certainly help tame the paper trail and lower overhead costs, which is why many companies invest in paper shredding machines.

Yet, utilizing these devices requires both a major time investment and a lot of patience.  Paper clips and staples need to be removed from documents and even then there’s no guarantee that your shredder won’t jam.  With all of these headaches, often documents end up in a waste bin, potentially exposing private client and/or business information.

Secure, cost effective and convenient

Stevens and Stevens’ destruction container collection service offers a secure, convenient and time saving solution for the destruction of paper documents and files.  There’s no need to remove sticky notes, rubber band or even staples – simply insert whole files into the bin and go about focusing on your business.  Our destruction containers eliminate the “lazy toss” of documents and files into trash receptacles, and help your organization comply with privacy legislation addressed within the following regulations:

  • GLB

Various shred collection containers to meet your business needs

Destruction Bins

SSBRM secure, wheeled collection bin. More industrial looking, these bins come in multiple sizes to support your requirements.

We offer our clients office shredding consoles and bins in various sizes.  These attractive and lockable containers are placed conveniently in accessible office areas where confidential documents can easily be collected.  After paper is placed in a container it cannot be retrieved, thus providing a secure repository for your information.

Once your shred collection containers are filled, one of our screened and trained team personnel will arrive at your facility collect the bin or change out the console.  Your container is tracked until the contents are destroyed.  We are committed to maintaining a strict chain of custody throughout the pickup, transport and shredding process.  After your documents have been destroyed, we provide you with a Certificate of Destruction for your records.

Our shred collection container service ensures that your confidential documents are destroyed in a timely and secure manner and offers the following benefits:

  • Prevention of identity theft
  • Protection of trade secrets
  • Minimized risk of corporate espionage
  • HIPAA, FACTA and GLB compliance

The frequency of service and number of containers is based on your specific business needs.  We’ll help you choose the right solution that best enhances your document destruction program.

To find out more about our destruction container collection service, please contact us by phone or fill in the form on the page.