2020 Milestone Anniversary

Every year, Stevens & Stevens throws a Milestone Anniversary party to celebrate our amazing employees. We throw many parties for our employees to celebrate holidays, birthdays and more. The Milestone Anniversary party is another way we show our appreciation to our employees dedicated years of service with Stevens & Stevens.

This year we recognize the following employees during their Milestone Anniversaries:

  • Marshall – 25 years
  • Rhett – 25 years
  • Harry – 20 years
  • Scott – 20 years
  • Chris Parker – 20 years
  • Janet – 15 years
  • Crystal – 5 years
  • Nikola – 5 years

We have plaques on our wall in the offices showing the names of all who celebrated a milestone anniversary. Stevens & Stevens has been family owned since 1994, our employees are part of that family. As part of our company culture, we believe that when we celebrate our employees, they can turn that appreciation back to our clients to provide exceptional service.

We didn’t want you to take our word for why our employees stay for so long, so we asked our employees why they have stayed with Stevens & Stevens for so long?

According to our employees they admire the dedication given to them as well as the stable environment. Our employees are grateful for a good management team to make day-to-day operations smooth. The number one reason our employees stick with us was that everyone at Stevens & Stevens gets along and genuinely enjoys working with one another.

We are thrilled to know that we can create an environment that encourages employees to stay with us for so long. We have worked hard to create a company culture that is positive, happy and fun for all who work here with our focus always on providing the best service for our customers.

Thank you to all employees for making Stevens & Stevens great since 1994!

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