7 Unusual Staplers That Will Make You Yawn When You Look At Yours


Take a look around your office desk. No doubt you’ll see the office desk basics: a phone, a keyboard, pens and a stapler. A stapler is, pardon the pun, a staple at most offices. Most offices have variations of the same standard stapler, so it’s hard to believe that there are actually some very innovative staplers out there. Some are more practical than others, and some are pricier than others. Here are the seven coolest and most unusual staplers we could find.

  • Gold-plated Stapler. If you’ve got piles of cash to spend, this is the stapler for you. It’s crafted of hand-polished 23k gold-plated steel. It retails at a modest $395. The good news is it includes a box of 1,000 staples, so that makes it worth it, right?
  • Long Reach Stapler. I can’t say that I need to staple something that’s 12” away from me that often, but when I do, this stapler would sure come in handy. It’s ideal for binding books, pamphlets, brochures or card mounting.
  • Heavy Duty Stapler. This is more than just a stapler. It’s a packaging plier, used to seal cardboard and post bags. It’s also capable of stapling up to 70 sheets of paper together. The average stapler can only handle about 20 sheets.
  • Reduced Effort Stapler. This design allows you to staple more sheets with less effort than traditional staplers. In fact, it only takes half as much force. This model in particular also offers quiet stapling, for when you need to staple in secret.
  • Hulk Stapler. This stapler resembles a Hulk arm, which really becomes fun when you actually staple something and it looks like Hulk’s fist is beating into your paper. Who said stapling had to be boring?
  • Right Angle Stapler. This stapler staples a right-angle staple into your documents. It’s a unique, if not totally unnecessary variation to the straight staple we’re all accustomed to.
  • Staple-less Stapler. Here’s a tongue twister for you: how does a stapler staple without staples? The answer is that it punches a small hole in the stack of paper and then tucks the punched-out tab under the bottom sheet, which holds the stack together. This feels truly innovative.


Despite being unique, almost none of these staplers have solved one big problem with stapling. Apart from the staple-less stapler, if you’re using a store-bought shredder, you’re still going to have to remove those staples from the documents before you shred them. If you forget just once to remove the staple, it’s pretty easy to break or seriously jam your store-bought shredder in a flash. That’s just one of the many inconveniences of DIY shredding. But maybe the solution isn’t about staplers at all, maybe it’s about the way you shred documents.

Don’t want to remove sticky notes, rubber bands or even staples before shredding? Want to simply drop whole files into a locked bin and go about focusing on your business? You can do that with our Document Destruction Collection Containers. We’ll pick them up on a regular schedule, securely destroy the contents and return it to your office, to be filled with stapled documents once again. It’s simple, but also pretty innovative if you ask us. Learn more here.

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