Scanning-Why it makes sense for your business (It does!)

Ever wonder why some people are slow to embrace technology, while others are ahead of their time? Has your business jumped into the digital world and implemented a document scanning system? If you’re a little cautious – and in the age of identity theft and credit card fraud, who can blame you – maybe a…

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Is your business protecting its critical information assets?

If disaster struck, would you know where to look to quickly recover your business data? Loss of important and critical business information is one of the leading causes of business failure. Insuring that you have systems and procedures in place that protect your business and client information from fire, hurricanes or other natural disasters, as…

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Protect your data with hard drive destruction!

Hard Drive Destruction

One of the most common mistakes many people make is assuming that when they throw away a hard drive or perform a software-based “wipe” it’s enough to prevent their confidential data from being obtained and used by identity thieves. Studies have shown that a significant amount of information remains even after a hard drive is…

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