Don’t Toss It Into the Trash, Use a Secure Destruction Container!

It’s a common mistake. Employees casually tossing sensitive or confidential documents in the trash or in a box next to their desk, assuming that they will be securely handled as they travel from the office garbage container to a recycling center or disposal site. Unfortunately, identity thieves look for opportunity, and this is one of…

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Why Records Storage Is the Best Way To Start Getting Organized

Records Management

Is your home or office stuck in records limbo? Do you have a room, or worse, rooms dedicated to stacks and stacks of paper documents or other improperly stored records? Getting started on a records storage plan doesn’t have to be a daunting task, and moving your data assets off-site could yield some real savings…

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When it comes to records storage facilities, there are differences

SSBRM Building

In today’s high-tech world, protecting your business records is essential. Without proper security and access, you could be opening up your business to serious consequences. Knowing that, when selecting a records storage facility, how do you ensure you’re picking the company that provides the best options? Since not all records storage facilities are created equal,…

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Four mistakes to avoid in document destruction

When dealing with highly sensitive or confidential documents that have reached the end of their lifespan, you want to be 100% sure those documents are properly destroyed. You want to do it the fight way and avoid some common mistakes that can result in a breach of information. Mistake #1 – Relying on office shredders…

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