Barcode tracking – helping businesses raise the bar of office efficiency

Barcode TrackingOrganizing and managing your physical records can be a huge challenge. For many businesses, storing records at an offsite facility helps save valuable office space. But every now and again you may need to access those files that are stored offsite.

How do you know that the exact file you need will get to you? Many offsite facilities utilize barcode tracking technology, which keeps track of thousands of records. Just like at the grocery store, barcodes enable businesses to use scanners and software to manage any number of documents with great accuracy.

Specific data pertaining to box description, retention period and destruction date is associated with each barcode and entered into the tracking system. This provides a complete audit trail of your offsite records and allows for the quick retrieval of one file or a box of files when needed, providing you and your business with the information you need to make informed business decisions.

When folders are removed from the filing area, a quick scan of the barcode identifies the file, and records the date and time. This helps key personnel keep track of where files are located and also builds usage histories for records.

Tracking files with barcodes can also improve workflow. No more countless hours wasted searching for misplaced or lost files. Barcode tracking allows you to easily organize files, so you won’t lose valuable information. Plus as files move from person to person as a project or transaction progresses through its various stages, barcode tracking data can give managers real-time reports on how files are moving throughout the company.

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