Is your business considering whether to move your business records off-site?

Container_2016_LID_RAW_f3.5_872When you’re making that decision, it’s important to understand that not every records storage facility is the same. Your information assets are important to your business, and keeping them safe and secure is the number one goal of a records management professional who can help you in the process of protecting your documents.

There are a few key factors you should look for when making the decision to go off-site:

  • Is the facility designed to withstand hurricane-force winds, flooding or fire?
  • Is access controlled and securely monitored 24/7?
  • Is the building climate-controlled and supported by a backup generator?
  • Does the off-site storage offer barcode scanning technology which allows easier tracking and location of important records?

Disasters will happen, but assessing the risk to your business – and your records – can be minimized with proper planning and by consulting with an industry-certified professional trained to know what will work best for you.

Every business is different, but the need to keep your information assets safe and secure is universal. Don’t take the chance with your business, call us today!

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