Is Your Business Identity Safe?

HDD-Shredder-Media-DestructionOne business goal that should be ongoing is protecting sensitive information.  No matter the size, location or industry, a stolen business identity can happen to anyone.  Being proactive in protecting sensitive data is crucial.

The following are a few ways to protect your business from identity theft:

  • Protect computers – Employee access to programs or databases containing sensitive information should be reviewed regularly. Password protect as many files as possible and always use passwords and install firewalls to protect your network.
  • Shred documents – Consider utilizing businesses that are available to shred documents for you. Keep in mind that discs and computer hard drives containing sensitive information should also be properly destroyed.
  • Use locks, keys and alarms – Businesses should have alarm systems to deter break-ins. Be sure windows are secured with screens or shatter-proof glass. Whenever you’re not using the information, you should always keep customer records and other data on paper in locked filing cabinets. Important business data such as database backups should always be stored in a safe, secure area.

Keep employees up to date on your company’s security policies by holding meetings or trainings as necessary. Discuss your e-mail and Internet policies, computer network access, how to increase browser security settings and how to deal with suspicious mail or e-mails. Keep in mind that when an employee no longer works for your business, you need to make sure their access to company data or your computer network is immediately cut off.

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