Confidential Destruction Containers – Taking office document security to the next level!

As part of our 40 Reasons Why You Should Choose Stevens & Stevens, this month we’re spotlighting one of the best ways you can protect the security and confidentiality of your records, with our confidential destruction containers, or CDCs. If your business is like most, you have plenty of paper records on hand, whether in file cabinets or sitting on office shelves. Taming that mountain of data can be challenging, time-consuming and expensive. But what if there was a solution that simplified that process?

CDCs can eliminate the tedious work that slows down your office and the efficiency of your employees by simplifying the process with a no-hassle document collection console. Employees no longer have to remove paper clips or staples before they shred a document, potential challenges that can jam up the traditional office shredder.

Here are a few reasons why you should call us today and invest in a CDC for your office:

  • Simple and Easy Process – Employees can simply insert the documents into a CDC through a secure deposit slot without having to worry that documents can be stolen or accessed by a third party.
  • Size Matters – Stevens & Stevens has document consoles and bins available in many sizes designed to meet your business needs. Small or large, our CDCs and bins are also built to fit into your office environment and not look out of place.
  • Service Schedule Flexibility – How frequently and how many CDCs you need is up to you. We’ll right-size the solution to meet your business needs.

Call us today to find out how Stevens & Stevens can make your business life even easier!


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