How Data and Media Storage can help your business stay competitive


For any business, regardless of size, having backup systems in place is critically important. Natural disasters or hardware failures can impact every business in the short term, but they are also two of the most significant reasons why businesses fail. Backing up data and other media types provides a reliable and easy to access restore process that can make the difference in keeping your business open.

Unlike hard drives or paper records, tape backups are a great tool when a business needs to restore its lost information assets. They are more reliable and less costly than other forms of backup that rely on hard drives and increased technology. They also take up significantly less space and the compactness of the format allows for long-term storage of large amounts of data, an important factor in the data-rich environment of the modern world.

Here are a few of the benefits of data and media storage:

  • Off-site portability – The advantage of off-site storage, for all types of data and media, is in easy recovery processes in the event of a natural disaster or hardware failure. Isolating information assets, away from your office or business location, is a great way to protect your business.
  • Easy storage and long-term archiving – Businesses are required to keep certain types of records for specific periods of time. Storage of data and media provides an easy solution for businesses, and allows records to be protected as long as the records need to be maintained.
  • Virus protection – Restorability of data is the most important factor in the business decision to backup data. Because backed up data is created before a virus or malware problem infects your servers or data systems, records can be restored without worry of further infection.

Protecting business data and media is not only important, but increasingly relevant in the age of hackers, spammers and identity thieves. Keeping your information safe and secure should be one of the most important decisions you make. Consult a records management professional to learn about protecting your business when a natural disaster or technology failure hits.


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