Data Storage & Protection Services

How Safe and Secure Is Your Business Data?

SSBRM employee scans backup tape into storage in secure, humidity- and climate-controlled vault.

Are your most vital information assets protected from disasters like fires, floods, hurricanes, accidents, employee error, vandalism, and theft? Can you quickly locate and recover your critical business data at a moment’s notice? Are your backups protected in a way that meets the privacy protection requirements outlined in the following regulations?

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Answering these questions serves as an important basis for assessing and strengthening your organization’s disaster recovery and business continuity plan. After all, an inability to quickly locate and recover critical business data at a moment’s notice can threaten the long-term viability and survival of your business. In short, it’s critical that you entrust the protection of your vital and irreplaceable information assets to a company you can depend on.

Trusted and Reliable Data Protection

Stevens & Stevens provides businesses in the Greater Tampa Bay area and and Greenville, SC with data storage and protection solutions that allow them to properly protect, preserve, and access their mission-critical data while meeting the demands of regulatory requirements. Over the years, we’ve earned a reputation for integrity and reliability by exhibiting the highest standard of excellence in the data protection industry. We offer our clients the following services for protecting their vital information:

As our business community’s trusted data protection resource, we provide continuous 24/7/365 support for our clients in order to meet all of their data recovery needs at a moment’s notice.

Supporting Your Business’ Backup Strategy and Schedule

Backing up your critical system data is an essential business process. But what takes place after backup is equally important. If not preserved in the right environment, backup media can fall victim to degradation, resulting in data loss. Similarly, in the event of an emergency restore, it’s vital to be able to locate the proper media volumes quickly in order to minimize downtime.

We understand that every organization has unique backup needs and information technology resources. This is why we offer customized tape and media rotation services that provide a secure repository for your backup assets. We work with your IT and administrative staff to make sure that backup media is securely transported to our specially-designed media vault, precisely inventoried and tracked, and rotated back to you with the highest security and efficiency.

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