Backup Tape Rotation & Offsite Media Storage

Protecting Your Business Backup Assets

SSBRM Employee scans inventory in vault as part of a weekly client backup tape rotation service.

Regular backup of your business information is essential to the survival of your company. Studies have shown that the majority of businesses that experience a major data loss don’t endure. In the event of a disaster or catastrophic event, your ability to quickly recover data is crucial. In fact, every minute of downtime represents a cost to your business, which is why it’s essential that your backup media is properly rotated, stored and managed.

Stevens & Stevens’ tape and media rotation services, including vault storage, provide you with a secure and systematic method for protecting and preserving your critical data.

We’ve invested in superior vault facilities and systems to ensure proper management and security for backup tapes and media storage devices. As a result, the Greater Tampa Bay area and Greenville, SC business communities have come to depend on us as an integral business partner for meeting their data protection requirements.

Your Trusted Media Rotation Partner

Proper, scheduled, offsite rotation of your backup media is an essential component of disaster recovery and business continuity objectives.  Whether your backup schedule is daily, weekly, or monthly, one of our trained professionals will securely transport your media tapes to our offsite media vault. Your media is bar coded, tracked within the vault to allow for rapid retrieval, and then cycled back to you on either a scheduled or an as-needed basis. An interface to our inventory control system allows you to manage your tapes, adjust your rotation schedule, and recall specific volumes.

Your offsite information assets are available to you 24/7/365. In the event of a disaster or emergency restore, one of our professional couriers will deliver to your tapes directly to your business or hot site.

Media Storage, Preservation and Security

Cases used to transport backup media to and from SSBRM to client locations.

We live in a world where data theft has become an everyday occurrence, which is why safeguarding your backup data from theft is important. Stevens & Stevens’ media vault in the Greater Tampa Bay area provides the safest repository in the region for your backup tapes and media.  Access is strictly limited to Stevens & Stevens’ trained & screened personnel and offers round-the-clock security monitoring as well as the following features:

  • Fully-redundant backup power
  • Digital access control
  • Construction designed to withstand wind speeds of up to 150 mph

The proper storage of media is fundamental to the long term preservation of your business data. Magnetic media, especially, is extremely sensitive to temperature and humidity changes. Backup tapes and hard drives that are kept in less-than-adequate environmental conditions can easily degrade, making data recovery in the event of an emergency impossible.

Stevens & Stevens’ climate-controlled vault is designed specifically for the secure storage and preservation of all types of backup media, including:

  • LTO, 4mm, 8mm and DLT data storage tapes
  • Optical disks: CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW
  • Audio and video tapes
  • Microfiche and microfilm

Temperature and humidity are maintained and monitored by an independent HVAC system while the vault is protected with a Fenwal 2320 Fire Control Panel which utilizes a FM200 Clean Agent Fire Suppression System. These systems combine to provide the highest protection and long term preservation for your backup assets.

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