Document imaging puts information at your fingertips

Quick! Your boss needs that document from three months ago, and he wants it now. But you’re not sure where you put it…maybe it’s in a file cabinet drawer or in the storage closet down the hall? You didn’t have time to scan it as a digital file, and now you have to face the fact that this is going to take longer than you thought. Sound familiar?

The cost of not finding the right file at the right time

Not being able to access the right document right when you need it is not only frustrating, but time-consuming. Converting paper files to digital files could be the solution to finding those files quickly. But scanning each and every piece of paper at your office is no easy task, and neither is saving and organizing each new digital file.

If you’re looking to save time and increase efficiency, you may want to consider outsourcing document imaging services. Sometimes when people think of outsourcing records management, they picture their documents stored far away without easy access to them. Thanks to the technology of Online Document Hosting, that doesn’t have to be the case.

Here’s how Document Imaging works:

  1. Your requested files for scanning are picked up in our secure, GPS-tracked vehicles and brought back to our records center
  2. Your files are scanned, indexed and organized as requested
  3. The original files can either be returned to you, stored offsite or destroyed
  4. The scanned files are uploaded to a secure database via Online Document Hosting
  5. You can access those files at any time from any location
  6. You can then get on a rotation schedule to have your paper files regularly scanned and stored

Being able to efficiently organize, retrieve and share information can help your business run more smoothly. Stevens & Steven’s document scanning solutions give you the ability to retrieve documents quickly and puts the information you need right at your fingertips. Learn more about our scanning services here and our Online Document Hosting here.

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