Barcode Tracking for Records Storage

Comprehensive Tracking for Your Offsite Records or Media Inventory

Offsite records storage saves valuable office space and keeps your confidential records secure. From time to time, you may need to access your archival documents—sometimes at a moment’s notice. As a result, you need confidence that the correct file will get to you in a quick and secure manner.

SSBRM staffer retrieving a box from secure record storage warehouse using handheld computer and integrated scanner.

SSBRM staffer retrieving a box from secure record storage warehouse using handheld computer and integrated scanner.

Stevens & Stevens’ barcode tracking technology provides you with the ability to query, request, and retrieve any item from our records center at any time.

Powerful Records Management Technology

Integrated with our powerful records management software, our barcode tracking technology provides a fully automated system which allows each work order to be precisely tracked from the time of the initial client request until the items are safely delivered or returned to storage.

We assign barcode labels to all retention items designated for storage within our records center which includes:

  • Record storage containers
  • Archival file folders
  • Magnetic and optical backup media

Specific data pertaining to box description, retention period, and destroy date is associated with each barcode and entered into our tracking system. This provides a complete audit trail for your offsite inventory and allows for the quick retrieval of cartons at the time of request.

A Comprehensive Audit Trail for Each Records Request

Using barcode scanner to confirm activity on client file for audit trail purposes.

Chain of custody for your confidential information is of the utmost importance. At any point during the retrieval, delivery or pickup process, you should have the ability to pinpoint the exact location of your records. Our barcode tracking technology makes this possible. When you make a request, your requested item is retrieved from its designated records center location. A strict verification process ensures the following:

  • An authorized client user signature
  • Item status
  • Delivery type
  • Carton or file description

Subsequent to the verification process, your items are then loaded onto a Stevens & Stevens vehicle and securely delivered to your designated location. Our couriers have handheld mobile computers equipped with portable printers which provide you with a printed receipt listing all items picked up or delivered. This comprehensive, documented chain of custody process guides all of our:

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