Pickup & Delivery of Your Stored Records

It’s hard to predict when you may need a stored file or document. There may be times after business hours whem the demands of a deadline require a last-minute file request. In other instances, an auditor may need access to an archival document stored offsite. When you store your records with Stevens & Stevens, you can always rest assured that you have continuous and immediate access to your most important documents and files at any time.

When you need to access any of your stored records, there are three ways to request them:

  1. Call us and request your records from our customer service staff
  2. Fax your request to us or use our convenient
  3. Use our secure online access portal, SSBRMWEB.

Anytime, Anywhere Delivery and Pickup

Our records storage management software is equipped with the latest barcode tracking technology, enabling us to quickly and accurately retrieve your offsite inventory.

No matter where you’re located or the time of your request, we’ll make sure that your records get you to in the most secure and expedient manner available. We offer a wide range of pickup and retrieval options to meet your most specific access needs, including:

  • Standard delivery
  • Same-day delivery
  • Expedited and rush service
  • After hours and emergency retrieval and delivery
  • Virtual delivery using our Scan on Demand service

All of our pickup and delivery options are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

A Stringent Chain of Custody Process

Protecting your records during the retrieval, delivery and pickup process is our highest priority. That’s why we’ve implemented strict policies and procedures to ensure the utmost security for your documents and files during each request. Therefore, we do not use third-party couriers to pick up or deliver your records.

All of our couriers are Stevens & Stevens employees who have been thoroughly screened and expertly trained on the handling of confidential information. Our drivers are always uniformed and equipped with mobile phones to facilitate constant communication with our operations staff. Additionally, each driver carries a handheld computer that verifies the chain of custody. These are equipped with portable printers which provide you with a printed receipt listing all items picked up or delivered.

Committed to Safety and Security

We’ve implemented safe driving and highway safety best practices with all of our professional couriers to ensure that your records are transported in the safest manner possible. Similarly, the vehicles used to transport your documents are specially outfitted to meet the specific requirements of secure records transport. Each vehicle is equipped with the following systems:

  • Climate-controlled cargo area
  • Alarmed security
  • GPS tracking

For more information, please call 855-573-3900 or complete the form on this page.