RIM Consulting Services

Helping Businesses Navigate the World of Records Management

Navigating access to information, data security, and legal and regulatory compliance in today’s environment can be challenging, even for the most competent organizations. Additionally, each business has to manage costs while facilitating proper access and retention controls for their most crucial documents and files. Without the right records management tools and systems, your organization could be exposing itself to numerous risks, which could include:

  • Inadequate storage and disposal processes
  • Lack of security for private and confidential information
  • Unnecessary and exorbitant overhead costs and capital expenses
  • Wasted productivity

Professional Records Management Consulting

Stevens & Stevens offers professional consulting services to help improve your company’s records and information management processes. We offer customized solutions for each client by combining:

  • Records and information management best practices
  • Thorough regulatory knowledge
  • In-depth organizational analysis
  • Industry-leading software and technology systems

Whether you are starting a program from scratch or need to revise and strengthen your current practices and procedures, we’ll provide you with the expertise you need to achieve success.

Improving the Security and Organization of Your Documents and Data

We’ve established a reputation within our local business community as their most trusted records and information management resource. Our consulting services can provide assistance in establishing and/or improving your company’s records and information management program through the following steps:

  • Departmental analysis
  • Policy review
  • Retention and destruction schedule preparation

Our expert staff will help you to develop and implement a cost-effective system for organizing and managing your records and data. Our goal is to provide you with an efficient, workable solution that’s tailored to your space, storage, and overall business needs.

An Analysis-Driven Approach

Understanding your business allows us to implement a custom solution that enhances operational efficiencies, facilitates the sharing of information, and improves compliance and disaster recovery objectives. Based on our review of your current policies, as well as departmental and individual key stakeholder concerns, we offer a range of records and information management service options to help strengthen your organization. Our solution may include the following recommendations:

Our success is measured by your business’s success! For more information, please call 855-573-3900 or complete the form on this page.