Document Storage – There’s a better way to do business!

files-1633406_1400Are you still “insourcing” your document storage and management? Are files and boxes of paper documents consuming your valuable office space and your employees’ time? There is a solution. Off site document storage and management can make your business more efficient and give you a better handle on the daily flow of information assets that your business generates.

With features like on-site pickup and delivery, barcode tracking, retention schedules for regulatory compliance, and secure records storage facilities protected from both human and natural disasters, a document storage plan can help any business get back to the job of satisfying customers and growing revenue.

Some of the benefits of offsite document storage can include:

  • Increased availability of office space due to reduction of on-site records storage.
  • Online records management giving your employees the ability to search or manage files from anywhere 24/7.
  • Protection from lost or stolen documents that are vulnerable in a typical unprotected office environment.
  • Freeing up employees to do more productive work improving the efficiency of the workforce.

Whatever system of records management you currently have, a certified industry professional can design a plan that meets your budget and is flexible enough to handle the changing needs of your business. Give us a call today!

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