Don’t SMASH it, SHRED it!

ShredThe comedian Gallagher was famous for smashing things with a big wooden mallet, called the Sledge-O-Matic. In his routine, he smashed everything from routine household items to watermelons. And just like Gallagher, taking a hammer to your hard drive is one way to destroy it.

Did you know it can be shredded just like a paper document? A certified records management and destruction specialist can quickly take care of the sensitive information stored on your computer’s hard drive and protect you from identify theft or worse.

But like most things today, how to destroy a hard drive is one of those interesting Internet searches that yield quite a few unique ways to take care of business on your old hard drive. Here’s a few:

  • Have access to a five ton road compactor? Running over your hard drive-on a hard surface-will be sure to crush the life, and the memory, out of it.
  • If you have a sandblaster, blast away on the shiny finish of the hard drive platter (that round thing you see when you open it up) and you’ll erase any trace of what was ever on it.
  • Ever hear about anybody finding a box labeled buried treasure? Shredding is certainly the better option here, but if you have an old treasure chest, throw that old hard drive in it, and bury it deep in your back yard. By the time somebody digs it up, the information more than likely won’t be usable anymore.

Blogger’s Note: We strongly advise you to shred your old hard drives. The methods above, while amusing, are slightly less reliable.

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