Every Season Is a Good Season For Records Management Spring Cleaning

Even though summer is now in full swing, it’s not too late for people to go through their closets, basement and garage and throw out items they no longer need. For businesses this is an on going process through out the year, and there are certianly ways to incorporate an ongoing cleaning process into everyday activities. Consider the following:

Paper – Don’t throw hard copy files into the recycling bin. Loose paper is often unattended before it has been recycled and can leave your business vulnerable to identity theft. Instead, ensure you dispose of hard copy documents in a secure, locked container that cannot be accessed until it is ready to be shredded by a reliable professional offering secure shredding services.

Electronic files – Disks and hard drives can hold a ton of valuable information. Don’t throw these items into the trash after erasing the data. Instead reach out to a reliable professional who can safely destroy the electronic media through a secure media destruction process.

Shred it – Implement a shred-all policy for unneeded documents to ensure files are fully destroyed on a regular basis. This minimizes any potential risk or exposure to identity theft.

By incorporating an ongoing cleaning process into your records management program you can help keep your business on track with properly managing, cleaning out files and disposing of outdated or unwanted information that is no longer needed.

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