Four mistakes to avoid in document destruction

Document RetentionWhen dealing with highly sensitive or confidential documents that have reached the end of their lifespan, you want to be 100% sure those documents are properly destroyed.

You want to do it the fight way and avoid some common mistakes that can result in a breach of information.

  • Mistake #1 – Relying on office shredders – personal shredders may be a good option for some documents at home, but they are not efficient and don’t provide the security businesses need.
  • Mistake #2 – Failing to verify destruction – if you don’t follow a verifiable document process, your business will not be able to prove compliance in meeting privacy laws.
  • Mistake #3 – Relying on an inadequate retention policy – different document categories require specific retention lifespans. It’s important to avoid keeping records after they’re no longer needed.
  • Mistake #4 – Choosing the wrong document destruction company – when it comes to selecting a partner for document destruction, look for a firm that is NAID AAA Certified.

Proper destruction of documents to protect your business’s valuable information is more important than ever. Contact Stevens & Stevens Business Records Management today to be sure your documents are properly and securely destroyed.

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