Got Mold on Your Critical Documents?

Business owners would agree that coping with repairs or replacement of equipment and furniture damaged by mold and mildew is challenging. Yet, many overlook one of the greatest consequences – the potentially irreparable damage to records, documents, film and electronic media. Properly storing information is key to keeping company records free of mold and mildew.

Even if your records storage area is safe from summer storms, if it’s not temperature-controlled, information can be distorted and become unreadable over time. For business owners, it’s unfortunate when they learn how important the information is only after documents have been damaged by heat, humidity, mold or mildew and they are no longer able to access the records.

Failing to properly retain information, puts your business at risk in the event of an audit or lawsuit. If information is needed that is no longer readable, the business is failing to comply with records-related regulations and can face large fines and potential legal issues.

Remember, keeping business records protected and retained for the entire life cycle is crucial, no matter what industry you’re in or the size of your company.  This means choosing a document management company, with facilities designed for safe and secure preservation of your critical business documents, is necessary.

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