Help for Downsizing Offices

The last few months have led to many changes for businesses across the country. For some companies, the pandemic demonstrated that having a remote workforce is a viable option. The result is that some organizations plan to continue to have more employees working from home – allowing for a downsizing of office space.

What does a smaller office mean for all of those paper files and documents at the office? It’s an opportunity to also downsize your space requirements for those items. A full-service document management company, like Stevens & Stevens Business Records Management, can be an efficient, effective and affordable option.

Space-saving document management options include:

  • Storage – Documents and files can be securely stored in a Records Center that is climate controlled, is built to withstand 150 mph sustained winds, features a state-of-the-art fire detection and monitoring system and is monitored 24/7. Retrieval, refile, and delivery services available upon request.
  • Scan-on-Demand Delivery – By scanning your paper documents and imported into your  electronic filing system, it gives you the option to retrieve a file anytime, with the click of a mouse.
  • Shredding – The right kind of shredding and proper destruction of documents, electronic media and hard drives is essential to protect your business. Make sure the company you use is AAA NAID Certified in document destruction.

At SSBRM, we customize records management solutions to the individual client to be a cost-effective extension of your in-house records management protocols whether for hard copy or electronic. Give us a call to discuss a customized solution for your specific business needs. We want to ensure the solution is the most cost-effective approach while complying with all your company protocols for your offsite and onsite staff.

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