Hurricane season is here: Is your business ready?

hurricaneLast week we talked about Hurricane Preparedness and provided some useful links.  Accidents and disasters do happen and often occur when you least expect them. So it’s never too early to plan for a disaster. With the 2013 hurricane season underway, now’s the time to make sure your business is prepared.

Consider the following when preparing for this year’s hurricane season:

  • Location and security of your storage facility:  Store information offsite in a location that’s been designed to withstand high sustained winds, is located in a non-flood zone, has a secure vault and is also secured with alarms, security cameras and pass codes.
  • Accessibility:  Be sure you can access your information no matter the time of day or day of week.
  • Document backups:  Whether you make copies or have external hard drives, backup files of key documents is crucial. Keep backups in multiple locations so, if a disaster strikes, another copy of your information is still available.
  • Test your process:  Just because you have a plan in place doesn’t mean that your work is done. Test your process to make sure your backup technology is working properly. Take the time to recover information from the backup to be sure it works and that you know how to access the information.
  • Alternative options:  Consider utilizing technology that converts your files to electronic images, which are then hosted on a secure, password-protected website. If your on-site files are destroyed, or you can’t access your facility, your information will still be accessible.
  • Have a secondary office identified:  Think about where your employees could work if your current office is inoperable. Talk with your employees so they understand company procedures and what they should do if a storm impairs normal working routines.

With a plan in place and the above in mind, businesses can maintain day-to-day activities through hurricane season and beyond. What do you do to make sure your business is ready to weather the storm?

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Photo by NASA/GSFC/Jeff Schmaltz/MODIS Land Rapid Response Team.

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