Keep your Documents Safe and Secure!

Keep_Your_Documents_SafePeace of mind is important for any business owner, and knowing that your records are maintained securely can limit the stress you may be feeling when it comes to your business and the records you need to be successful.

When you hire a records management company to help you gain back the control over your records and data, it’s not simply an organizational plan. It’s also a security system, providing an extra layer of protection for critical business information, sensitive and confidential documents and other records. Confidentiality is a critical function of records management and records management companies can deliver security throughout the life of your paper and digital documents.

Here a few ways to check if your records management company maintains the security of your company’s information assets: Do they:

  • Use a hiring process that insures employees are screened for criminal and credit history, trained on privacy standards in the industry, and have signed a confidentiality agreement.
  • Enforce a strict chain-of-custody for records from retrieval to storage, with detailed tracking methods that can determine where your records are at any point in time.
  • Utilize current technologies that safeguard the storage site and other facilities where records are maintained including video surveillance and other electronic monitoring.
  • Follow industry standards for destruction of documents that ensure they can’t be read or reconstructed.

Knowing that your data is safe can allow you to focus your efforts on the other aspects of running your business. Your customers and your employees will appreciate that as well.

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