New Year’s resolutions are about more than just losing weight!

2015When the calendar flips from December to January most people begin to think about what changes they want to make for the New Year. Records management is no exception, and with the recent concerns about identity theft and fraud related to the proper handling of sensitive documents, it’s a good time to implement a records management plan to get your business back on track.

An easy resolution for anyone- whether you’re self-employed or the leader of a large company-is to make a plan to get organized, and to put a system in place to streamline your records management policy. Here’s a few quick suggestions to get your business moving in the right direction.

  • Understand what your goals are. Knowing what your concerns and issues are related to your documents and other records can help you put a plan in place that can simplify the process. What documents do you need to access 24/7? What are the legal requirements for document retention? By understanding what your business needs are, you can accurately assess what your plan should look like.
  • What to keep or throw away. You are the best decision-maker when it comes to documents related to your business. What do you look at every day, and what gets filed away, never to be seen again? If you have employees who work with your documents and records, solicit their help to better understand your business needs. By involving staff, you can reinforce policy and keep up to date with changes in records management that’s specific to your business. It can also build teamwork, and give you a better chance for success.
  • Proper destruction of documents. There is a big difference between just shredding and disposing of unneeded records, and a start-to-finish document shredding plan that insures sensitive information is kept confidential and secure. Records management companies now offer on-site, secure document shredding which can eliminate any opportunity for data theft.

Take the time this year to make a commitment to better handing of your documents and records. Not only will this help you get better organized, saving valuable time and money, but it just might be the difference your company needs to have an even better 2015!

Photo by Martin Fisch

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