Not all records storage facilities are created equal: Ask these questions before you commit

Secure FacilitesHave you ever tried to purchase something even though you really didn’t understand what you were buying? It’s like trying to buy a Crankshaft Position Sensor when you barely know how to change your car’s windshield fluid. It’s like buying a Tremolo Bridge when you’ve never picked up a guitar.  Those aren’t your areas of expertise, so how do you know you’re buying the product that’s best for you?

If you’re choosing a records storage facility, how do you know you’re choosing the company that’s best for you? All records storage facilities are not created equal, but how can you tell the difference? Evaluate your options for records storage facilities using these R.E.C.O.R.D.S. questions:

  • Reviews. “Do you have any customers that will share their review of your service with me?” Don’t always take the company’s word for it. Ask for reviews or track them down online. If you ask the company directly, it’s most definitely a bad sign when it doesn’t have any positive reviews or satisfied customers ready to share.
  • Environment. “How will you protect my records against temperature and humidity?” The company may tout its ability to keep your records safe from wind and rain, but what measures do they have in place to control high temperatures and humidity within their facility? Those can impact your digital records just as severely.
  • Compliance. “What regulations are you in compliance with?” Whether the company is destroying your clients’ personal financial information or storing your patients’ medical records, you could be liable if the firm is not doing it according to the law.
  • Options. “What services do you offer?” Using a separate company for scanning, for storing and for shredding is a hassle. The more service options the company can provide, beyond just a records storage facility, the more convenient it will be for you.
  • Retrieval. “How easy will it be for me to get my records back if I need them?” If a company uses barcode tracking, they’ll easily be able find the paper records you need in their facility. If they offer delivery or scanning services, you could have the document you need back in your hands in no time.
  • Disaster. “Will my records be safe in your facility during a natural disaster?” The whole idea of offsite records management is to keep your records safe no matter what happens. It’s especially important when your business is located in Florida or the Carolinas. We’ve seen a number of major storms this year, so the firm you use has to be ready for such events.  The facility should be able to withstand very high wind speeds and have redundant backup power.
  • Security. “How can I know for sure my records will be kept confidential?” Have their employees undergone extensive background checks, signed a confidentiality agreement and completed comprehensive privacy training? If you have records that contain Protected Health Information (PHI), they should be stored in an electronically monitored, secured facility with limited access, as privacy regulations require.

Now you know what you should be looking for when searching for a records storage facility or a records management company. We’d be happy to answer these questions ourselves so you can hear firsthand why Stevens & Stevens should be your records management company. Give us a call at 855-573-3900 to get your questions answered.

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