Now’s the time to act, protect your business identity

When it comes to your company’s information, you can never be too careful. With identity theft continuing to rise, it’s crucial to take precautionary steps to protect your business.

  • Shred documents. If dumping old files in the trash behind your office building is the norm for your business, change this dangerous habit immediately by adopting a shredding plan. Keep in mind, discs and other media containing sensitive information should be shredded as well. For an added reassurance and convenience, consider utilizing a business that specializes inshredding services.


  • Protect computers. Password protect as many files as possible and always use passwords and install firewalls to protect your network. Also, know that deleted files actually stay on your computer’s hard drive even after you’ve emptied “recycle bins.” Make sure you reformat or wipe your hard drive clean before donating, recycling or throwing away an old computer.


  • Use locks, keys and alarms. Be sure to install an alarm system to deter a break-in. Whenever information isn’t being used, always keep customer records and other data on paper in locked filing cabinets. Important business files such as database backups should always be stored in a safe, secure area or at an offsite tape storage location.

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