Outsource Your Document Scanning Projects

document-imaging-filesAs businesses grow, information grows exponentially and can be a challenge to organize and manage effectively. Centralizing your existing hard copy documents into a virtual filing cabinet is a great way to manage the records.

But where should you start because scanning projects aren’t always easy. If you want to digitize some or all of your documents, you’ll need to determine if you can handle the scanning project in-house or if you’ll need to outsource your scanning project to a trusted third party.

Keeping your scanning project in-house makes sense if you have a steady, but small, stream of documents to digitize on an ongoing basis. These types of projects can generally be incorporated into employees’ workflow fairly easily. However, for organizations that continually produce large volumes of documents that need to be scanned may find it more effective to outsource the files.

When considering going digital, find a trusted third party that offers a variety of imaging options, including:

  • Service bureau solution – All aspects of an imaging program are handled by a third party, including document pick-up, scanning, indexing and storage. Images can be retrieved online, through email, CD or DVD.
  • Enterprise solution – Third parties provide software or hardware to meet a company’s needs and the business captures, distributes and manages documents internally.
  • Back-end solution – A business scans files and a third-party manages the imaged files.
  • Scan-on-demand solution – Stored documents are scanned on an as-needed basis and the third party makes them available via the web, email, external hard drive, CD or DVD.

Once documents are imaged, you’ll have access to your entire file room with just the click of a mouse.

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