Protect your data with hard drive destruction!

Hard Drive DestructionOne of the most common mistakes many people make is assuming that when they throw away a hard drive or perform a software-based “wipe” it’s enough to prevent their confidential data from being obtained and used by identity thieves. Studies have shown that a significant amount of information remains even after a hard drive is erased.  This emphasizes the importance of Hard Drive Destruction.

Hackers and criminals have proven they don’t need anything more than a basic understanding of how computers work to be able to discover the digital data left on your PC or laptop when it’s dropped off at a recycling or donation center. The only way to make sure that your confidential information can’t be retrieved is to physically destroy it.

For businesses, it’s critically important to protect their own and their clients’ sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands. In the age of instantaneous communication, understanding that core function of data protection is vital to the success or failure of a business.

How does physical destruction protect your information from data theft? Here are some of the ways it can ensure the safety of your digital assets:

  • Destruction means just what it says. The physical destruction of the hard drive makes it impossible for thieves to access or read your data.
  • Records management professionals can track hard drive serial numbers, providing a chain of custody record that certifies the destruction was performed to industry standards.
  • Utilizing the services of a certified, records management company means that your confidential data is controlled and regulated in a facility with security monitoring throughout the destruction process.

Digital records, just like paper, must be protected, even after they are no longer critical to your business. Consult a records management professional to make sure that you’re keeping your sensitive or confidential information safe and secure throughout its lifecycle.

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