Records Management is about more than Paper!

img-crmWhile paper documents still make up a large percentage of the records that companies maintain, electronic records are rapidly increasing in volume, and attention to that growing database is critical to preserving the integrity of your business data.

With companies increasingly shifting from paper to digital records, records management companies are also making the transition to data storage and destruction systems that embrace new technologies. Backup tapes, hard drives, optical disks and other magnetic media require many of the same safety and security practices that paper records do, but they also have specific requirements that need special attention.

Here’s a few things to pay attention to in the management of your electronic records:

  • Temperature and humidity have a direct impact on the integrity of magnetic media. Climate controlled storage facilities can maintain a consistent environment for the protection of sensitive data.
  • Just like paper, obsolete hard drives and other sensitive data storage devices must be destroyed to insure the protection of critical and confidential information.
  • Social media and website-related communications are also subject to legal retention requirements and companies are subject to scrutiny and potential litigation if these digital records are not retained.

Embracing technology can be challenging. But it can also open up new opportunities for organization and business success. Records management companies are ready to help you with the transition and lead your business into a bright digital future.

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