Records Management made easy – key things to stay organized!

scan-or-storeWhether you’re a small business with a few employees or a large corporation with thousands of employees the importance of records management is the same. Maintenance, accessibility and storage, and the proper disposition of out of date records is paramount to making sure your business runs smoothly. It starts with an acknowledgement that you need a records management system.

Here are few things to make the process of organization a little easier:

Make a Plan – Better organization always starts with a solid plan. Designate a team leader or a records management team to oversee the transition to better records management. Begin by determining what makes the best sense for your business, and how you can quickly accomplish your goals.

Take an Inventory – Understand what records you need to maintain, how you typically access those records, and how often. This will help you determine the management system that will be the best fit for your company. Records can be paper or electronic, so consider both formats when assessing your needs.

Find the right location – Where you store your records matters. Finding a location that insures your records are accessible yet safe and secure is critical to your company’s organizational plans. A well maintained records area will not only make your employees more efficient, but insures that when you need to find a document, it’s easily discoverable.

Records Management should be part of your overall business plan. While it requires some up-front planning and a commitment from your leadership and employees, it will pay off in a more efficient workplace, delivering savings to your business and your customers.

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