Scan on Demand: Scanned when you need it, stored when you don’t

We’re living in an “On Demand” world. I’m not just talking about cable television. It’s fast-food, it’s social media news…you name it, you can probably get it instantly. Call it the product of impatience if you want, but instant results can save time and prevent headaches. Applying that same mentality to business records has resulted in “Scan on Demand.”

Going paperless has a lot of benefits. But scanning all of your existing files to an electronic format may not necessarily be economical for your organization. This is especially true when it comes to detailed records that have to be saved due to legal and regulatory requirements.

Those requirements can lead to a bit of a conundrum with records management. You may never need to access some of the documents that you archive but, in the event of an audit, legal subpoena or disaster, you could need immediate access to those files. Storing those documents economically while maintaining immediate access is where “Scan on Demand” comes into play.

So, what is “Scan on Demand”? Let’s say your business has industry regulations that require it to keep financial records of employees for the last ten years, even if that employee has left. You don’t want to spend the time or money scanning those old documents into digital files because, odds are, you’ll never need to access those files unless you get audited. So those inactive files go to a secure records center where they’re barcoded and entered into an inventory. If you ever get audited, you can access that inventory online and request a specific file to be scanned and sent over. It’s as simple as that.

With “Scan on Demand” you get your file when you need it, without spending unnecessary time and money if you don’t need it. At Stevens & Stevens, “Scan on Demand” allows for fast, easy and secure retrieval and delivery of your business records no matter where you are. Learn more about “Scan on Demand” here or by giving us a call at 855-573-3900.

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