To scan or store files – how do you choose?

scan-or-storeMany businesses contemplate whether they should scan their files or just store everything. Both options have positives and negatives, but the decision to scan or store is up to you and will depend on several factors.  What makes sense for your business? Depending on the type of business you run and the industry you’re in may dictate which storage method you choose.

  • Determine the type of accessibility you need. Scanning files may be easier to work with since they can be kept electronically. Stored documents need to be retrieved when needed which takes time and employee resources.
  • Consider outsourcing. Organizing and preparing files to be stored or scanned can take countless hours. For many offices, that’s time and money they don’t have. If you choose to keep paper records or scan files, consider using a third party records manager to help with the process.
  • Compare costs. Compare the costs associated with either option. You’ll need to determine the cost of storing files on-site vs. off-site and scanning in house vs. utilizing a third party to scan the files for you.

No matter if you choose to scan or store your files the important thing is that you have determined the need for finding a records management solution. Pick the one that works best for your business and that might be a mixture of both. But if it works for your company, fits in your budget and provides the necessary documentation for compliance, your business will be better off in the long run.

Photo by Mark Crossfield


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