Insurance Document Scanning Services

An Integral Partner to a Paper Intensive Industry

SSBRM has extensive experience supporting insurance companies with digital document support services.

Insurance companies predominantly rely on paper-driven processes.  Within this reality is the need to be able to service claims quickly and efficiently.  However, as with other paper-intensive industries, documents and files important to business process are frequently mishandled, misplaced or improperly managed, leading to unnecessary inefficiencies.  Not only does this have a direct impact on policy holders but also on a company’s ability to meet compliance standards.

In addition to the regulatory non-compliance risks, paper policies are extremely vulnerable to disaster.  The permanent loss of important policy records from fire, flooding, and theft not only affects the interests of customers but also the long-term viability of a company.  As a result, it’s important to implement a solution for insurance policy documents and files.

Imaging and Conversion of all Policy Related Documents

Stevens & Stevens offers document scanning solutions for the insurance industry that eliminate the risks of a paper based environment and provide a more secure, cost effective and efficient information management solution.  Our capture, imaging and conversion service allows agencies and underwriters to create secure digital documents of policy holders that are easily accessible throughout your organization.  Our digital solutions include but are not limited to the scanning of:

  • policies
  • applications
  • claims & claim documents
  • pictures from loss
  • inspections
  • payment records
  • vendor transactions

Committed to Protecting your Confidential Information

Stevens & Stevens operates a specially designed document scanning facility dedicated to the secure imaging and conversion of client files.  Your records are securely transferred from your office to our scanning facility by one of our professional couriers maintaining a strict chain of custody.  Within our facility we’ve incorporated the following to ensure security and protection for your information:

  • 24/7 security monitoring
  • authorized access control
  • continuous fire protection
  • strict environmental controls
  • screened imaging professionals
  • adherence to confidentiality agreements

Streamlining your Business Processes

Many insurance industry procedures begin with paper documents.  By eliminating the costly expenses associated with in-house storage and proper administration of policy files, our clients quickly realize faster claims processing and overall improved customer service.  Our professional document scanning solution enhances workflow and directly streamlines the following processes:

  • policy administration
  • claims management
  • contracts
  • applications
  • underwriting

In addition we remove the need for time consuming and costly tasks associated with mailing, filing and photocopying and distributing paper documents and files.

To find out more about our insurance scanning services for clients in the Greater Tampa Bay area as well as the Greenville-Spartanburg SC area, please contact us by phone or fill in the form on the page.