Real Estate Document Scanning Services

A Trusted Imaging Solution for your Real Estate Files

SSBRM has extensive experience supporting real estate companies with digital document scanning and management services.

The typical real estate transaction often involves hundreds of page of documents.  For residential and commercial real estate firms dealing with numerous clients, managing these records can represent significant administrative and overhead costs.  Additionally, documents must be easily accessible and readily available in order to support the transactional process.  A misplaced or lost file can have a tremendous impact on your company.  Further, given the importance of your records to the nature of your business, it’s important to safeguard them from:

  • theft
  • fire
  • flooding
  • disaster

Stevens & Stevens offers the real estate industry a secure solution for converting transactional documents to a digital format.  Our scanning and conversion services allow for documents to be quickly located, easily shared and accessible from any location.  A secure, accuracy driven process relieves you of the burden of overhead costs associated with managing your paper records by turning them into an easily searchable and accessible electronic format.  We provide scanning and imaging solutions for the following real estate related documents:

  • mortgage files
  • title information
  • credit reports
  • land plots and blueprints
  • contracts
  • photographs

Taking the Headaches out of Paper Intensive Process

Currently, you may be relying on a fax machine to transmit and transfer important real estate documents.  Every minute is crucial in the negotiation and close process, and time spent faxing documents back and forth cuts into your productivity.  And with a fax machine, there’s no guarantee that information is readable.

Stevens & Stevens’ document scanning solutions allow you to save time and money and guarantee the integrity of your records.  We utilize a process that preserves the document in its original form and allows it to be sent via email without any degradation.  Our scanning and conversion process offers the following features:

  • conversion to text searchable PDF
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) data capture
  • digital file encryption
  • image hosting

We enable you to easily and quickly find and retrieve the documents you need most when the close of the sale is pending.

Committed to Preserving the Confidentiality of your Client Records

We understand that real estate records often contain sensitive and confidential information.  Our experience and background as your records and information management resource provides us with professional expertise concerning the handling and protection of records.  We maintain a strict chain of custody for all of your documents during the entire conversion process.  Our document scanning experts are thoroughly knowledgeable about privacy regulations outlined in the following laws:

  • GLB

To find out more about achieving a more manageable solution for your real estate documents, please contact us by phone or fill in the form on the page. We provide real estate scanning services for clients in the Greater Tampa Bay area as well as the Greenville-Spartanburg SC area