Scan on Demand Service

Your Records Scanned When You Need Them

Reducing the number of archival paper records that your business has to manage can make a big impact on your overhead and administrative expenses. Every time a document is printed, there’s an associated cost as well as an environmental impact. But simply scanning all of your existing files to electronic format may not necessarily be economical for your organization.

Offsite Storage with Electronic Access to Business Documents

Stevens & Stevens’ Scan on Demand service combines the security of records storage with the accessibility of document scanning. You’re provided with a trusted repository for storing and preserving your archival retention inventory while also gaining instantaneous access to your important documents on an as-needed basis.

After all, it’s important to have a records retention program in place in order to meet legal and regulatory requirements. The majority of documents that are archived may never need to be accessed. Yet, in the event of an audit, legal subpoena or disaster, you may need immediate access to files. Our budget-friendly Scan on Demand solution allows you to retrieve documents stored offsite from any location with internet access and provides the following benefits:

  • Remote retrieval and access to retention documents
  • Reduced backfile conversion costs
  • Better file sharing capabilities
  • Improved regulatory compliance
  • Streamlined workflow processes

Fast, Easy and Secure Digital Records Retrieval and Delivery

Since 1994, the business community in the greater Tampa Bay area as well as Greenville and Spartanburg, SC, have come to rely on Stevens & Stevens for comprehensive records storage services. Our Scan on Demand service provides a seamless method for tracking and retrieving your business records. When your inactive documents and files are transferred to our secure records center, they are bar coded and tracked within our inventory management database.

Your file-level inventory is added to the database, which allows for timely and accurate access at the time of retrieval. If you don’t currently have a listing of files for each box, our file indexing service provides you with a complete catalog based on:

  • File type
  • Date
  • Patient or client identification
  • Department

Our secure web module allows you to view, sort, and manage your file inventory. When you need a document, we’ll retrieve the specific paper record from its designated records center location and scan and convert it to an electronic file format of your choice. Your records can either be uploaded directly into your business application or made available via our secure on-line data repository.

With Scan on Demand, you achieve the convenience of having a file electronically delivered directly to your workstation or laptop. The electronic document can then serve as a permanent record that can easily be shared within your organization. Regardless of your location—even nationally or globally—Scan on Demand allows for fast, easy and secure retrieval and delivery of your business records.

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