Title Policy Scanning and Management Services

Enhancing Policy Management for the Title Industry

SSBRM has extensive experience supporting title companies with digital document and scanning support services.

The document-intensive nature of the title and mortgage industry facilitates requires dedicated resources for storing and managing large volumes of paper files. Unfortunately, this reality often results in exorbitant overhead costs. While title documents need to be readily accessible in order to facilitate timely business processes, the storage and administrative costs associated with properly managing records can quickly add up. Workflow processes can easily be disrupted when files are misplaced and lost. And coupled with the measures necessary for meeting regulatory requirements, title servicing organizations can quickly become overwhelmed.

Turnkey Title Scanning and Document Management

Stevens & Stevens has pioneered procedures for efficiently scanning and managing title policies with recognizable cost saving methods for clients in Greater Tampa Bay and Greenville-Spartanburg, SC. We provide the mortgage and title industry with a proven method for enhancing the access, retrieval, and retention of loan-related documents and files. A secure, accuracy-driven process relieves you of the burden and overhead costs associated with managing your paper records by converting them to an easily-searchable and accessible electronic format. Our scanning service includes:

  • Conversion to text searchable PDF
  • Efficient document profiling and checklist procedures
  • Streamlined file workflow procedures
  • File hosting for secure and immediate policy lookups
  • Storage cost reduction methods
  • Cross-referenced storage of original files
  • Original file storage and destruction plans

Expertise Informed by Extensive Experience

Many title companies attempt to implement an “in-house” scanning and document management solution without the required expertise. As a result, important administrative resources are taken away from their core competencies in order to focus on document preparation, indexing, and imaging. Many organizations then abandon such attempts after realizing they’ve gotten in over their heads.

Through our extensive experience working with businesses in the title industry, we understand that there are multiple factors your organization has to consider. Our imaging and digital conversion solutions enhance your ability to service your clients while meeting legal requirements. We can implement a turnkey document management solution or merge recently converted documents into an existing database, providing you with the following advantages:

  • Immediate access to title documents from a PC or laptop
  • Enhanced servicing
  • Improved ability to meet the demands of legal request

Our expertise ensures that all of your important title data is captured and managed securely, precisely, and in the most expedient manner.

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