Secure Data storage can keep your business up and running!

safe-913452_1280Can your business afford a downtime in service due to a natural disaster or other unexpected interruptions in operations? Do you have the systems in place to ensure that that doesn’t happen?

There are many variables that factor into protecting your business from a potential threat. Putting your information assets in the hands of a records management professional can ease your mind and reduce the risk of data loss or the inability to access your records whenever you need them.

Offsite data storage means that your records are protected in a secure facility designed specifically to deal with whatever Mother Nature, employee error or data theft can throw at you. What does that look like? Here are some of the features of a data protection plan utilizing a state-of-the-art media vault:

  • 24 hour security and fire protection systems keep the focus on data security and protection.
  • Climate controlled environment keeps your records in peak condition, so when you need them they are in the same condition as when they were created.
  • Emergency backup systems make sure that even in the event of a natural disaster; protection systems will be uninterrupted, eliminating any potential for a gap in protection.
  • Building and vault construction is designed to withstand hurricane force winds.

Trust and security are important. Consult a records management professional to see what data security can do for your business and how it can protect your records – and your business – from disaster.

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