Self Storage is not the place to store your records!

Self StorageYou just have to read the local newspaper to understand why storing your important documents and other records in a self-service storage facility is probably not a good idea. Here’s a quick sampling of some recent headlines: Explosion and Fire at Self Storage Facility, Storage units easy prey for thieves, Flood damage at public storage site crushes renters, and one that should really make you shudder, Explosives found at mini storage site.

While the number of these facilities has skyrocketed recently, trusting that your documents will be safe and secure in a hastily-erected, cookie cutter building that may be unsupervised and lacking in fire and water protection is not worth the risk. Hiring a professionally certified records management company can give you peace of mind and deliver the same level of easy access that the self-serve facilities promise.

Here are a few more reasons why going with a records management professional makes a difference:

  • Security of buildings and employees-Certification and training ensure that records are kept confidential and protected from theft throughout the storage life cycle.
  • Climate and weather protection-Protecting documents from the elements is one of the most critical pieces of data protection. Knowing that your records are stored in a facility that is built to high standards against wind and water damage ensures they’ll be kept safe in any storm.
  • Fire suppression systems-Accidents can happen, and fire is certainly always a risk. Records Management professionals install and maintain the most stringent smoke and fire detection and suppression systems available, reducing that risk significantly.

Don’t gamble with your records. Check out the services and options available with an industry-certified professional rather than a do-it-yourself site. Better safe than sorry.

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