Shred those hard drives and save yourself some headaches!

dumpster-1517830_1400Sure, it’s easy to just throw away a laptop or PC in the dumpster behind your workplace, or in the back of an apartment complex. Did you know that dumpsters are among the first places identity thieves look for the opportunity to steal credit card numbers or bank transaction information?

Although we’d all like to think we’re hip to technology and know-how to delete sensitive data from our computers, the reality is the only sure way to do that is to shred the hard drive. Off the shelf software can eliminate some of the information on a device, but it typically only removes the file names, while leaving the data retrievable by someone who truly understands technology.

Records management professionals can destroy all the data that resides on your hard drives, document a chain of custody from pickup to destruction, and certify that it was done to industry standards.

Here’s what hiring a certified data destruction company can do for your peace of mind:

·         Comprehensive tracking of your hard drive assets

·         GPS-equipped records management vehicles with monitored facilities

·         Professional, background-checked staff trained on current security procedures

·         Strict adherence to National Institute Standards and Technology standards

Don’t gamble with your own or your customers’ information assets. Talk to a records management professional today and find out how they can protect your data.

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