Shredding Made Simple! Do your business a favor and shred!

undelete-146276_640Identity theft and consumer fraud cases are at an all-time high. Thieves know that if they look through garbage dumpsters and trash receptacles in business offices they are bound to find something that they can profit from. While it may be easier to just pitch an unneeded document in the garbage, before you make that decision, think about the potential for misuse of the information on that piece of paper.

Shredding almost certainly makes it easier to thwart identity thieves from getting valuable information without much effort. It’s a simple process that can keep your business records safe and secure.

Here are a few basics you should know about shredding:

  • Regulatory rules on privacy make it important for businesses to keep confidential information safe and secure throughout the life cycle of a document.
  • It’s not just about paper anymore. Digital records and the electronic hardware that stores that information should also be destroyed when it’s no longer needed.
  • Record management companies can provide shredding services on or off site, and can often consult with your company on what documents should be shredded.

It’s common to hear stories about identify theft and think that it can’t happen to you. Most of the businesses who have been victimized also thought they were safe. Taking the extra time to shred documents can go a long way in making your life a whole lot easier as well.

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