The Better Way to Destroy Data

When the time comes to delete or completely destroy data from your computer system, laptop, hard drive or other devise, safety and security should be top of mind. By now we all know that simply deleting or reformatting information is not the answer and puts you at risk of ID theft or data breaches. Sure,…

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When it comes to records storage facilities, there are differences

SSBRM Building

In today’s high-tech world, protecting your business records is essential. Without proper security and access, you could be opening up your business to serious consequences. Knowing that, when selecting a records storage facility, how do you ensure you’re picking the company that provides the best options? Since not all records storage facilities are created equal,…

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Four mistakes to avoid in document destruction

When dealing with highly sensitive or confidential documents that have reached the end of their lifespan, you want to be 100% sure those documents are properly destroyed. You want to do it the fight way and avoid some common mistakes that can result in a breach of information. Mistake #1 – Relying on office shredders…

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