Protect your data with hard drive destruction!

Hard Drive Destruction

One of the most common mistakes many people make is assuming that when they throw away a hard drive or perform a software-based “wipe” it’s enough to prevent their confidential data from being obtained and used by identity thieves. Studies have shown that a significant amount of information remains even after a hard drive is…

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Streamline your Workflow with Document Scanning

Document Scanning

If your business is still losing office time and money to clerical errors and misplaced records, it may be time to start thinking about using technology to improve the efficiency of your office. Not sure that makes sense for your business? Balance the cost of a records scanning plan with the time your staff currently…

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Think Document Storage isn’t Important? Ask the business that doesn’t have a Records Management Plan!

What happens when a business doesn’t protect their information assets? Hint: Think data theft, lost or misplaced records, and an office staff that wastes more of their work time searching for information than bringing in new clients. Whether it’s a box of sales transaction receipts, confidential human resource documents, or sensitive court records, security of…

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Get the facts on Paper Shredding

When it comes to cutting identity theft and protecting your sensitive information, it pays to know the facts about shredding to better protect your business information. Here are some of the most common myths regarding paper shredding and media destruction: No one will look through the trash. Even if no one goes dumpster diving for…

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Secure Data storage can keep your business up and running!

Can your business afford a downtime in service due to a natural disaster or other unexpected interruptions in operations? Do you have the systems in place to ensure that that doesn’t happen? There are many variables that factor into protecting your business from a potential threat. Putting your information assets in the hands of a…

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