Where to Start? How to take the heartburn out of getting organized?

document-imaging-filesDoes this sound familiar?  You find yourself staring at a mountain of boxes, unorganized and piled in a corner of the office, a paper and cardboard monument to inefficiency and office chaos. Like many records that offices generate, documenting correspondence or transactions between companies and clients, once they’ve served their short term purpose, they can become a burden.

One of the biggest barriers to office efficiency is the clutter caused by an accumulation of paper records and a lack of organization.  A records management plan can give your business a new start when it comes to your records, and make life easier for your staff and your customers.

Here are a few ways to get started:

  • Determine what to keep and for how long – There are legal requirements for the retention of specific documents. Once you’ve determined what those are, any records that aren’t essential should be shredded and destroyed.
  • Have we mentioned shredding? – Sensitive or confidential records can be safeguarded with a secure shredding plan. Records management companies can shred on or off site, and ensure that your records are protected through the destruction process.
  • Put a records management plan in action – Once you’ve reduced that pile of old records and replaced it with ones that are boxed, labeled and organized, you need to keep that system going. Train your employees to properly file, store, and destroy unneeded records going forward.

Records Management companies can help you bring organization back to your office. Finding the right records management plan can pay for itself with increased efficiency for your employees, benefitting the customer and your peace of mind.

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