Stay Cool This Summer With Proper Document Management

Most business owners know that beating the summer heat goes beyond keeping yourself cool. Protecting your business records is crucial. Unfortunately, some business owners learn this only after a file has been damaged by heat, humidity, dust, water, mold or mildew. And, while some information can be recreated, other files can’t.

Failing to properly retain information puts a company at risk in the event of an audit or lawsuit and for not complying with the many state and federal regulations. Not to mention, think about what could happen if a customer or client needed information from you that’s no longer readable or was damaged from water?

The best way to protect your business records is to determine the environment of your current records storage area. Here are some things to consider:

  • Fire and waterproof
  • Protection from heat, dust and humidity
  • Temperature-controlled
  • Security cameras
  • Locks
  • Safes or vaults
  • Controlled access
  • Offsite

Even if information is in the perfect storage environment, it’s important to occasionally review the information. Also, create multiple backup files and store those in separate proper data storage areas. This way, if something happened to one location, your information could still be accessed.
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