Stevens & Stevens to Incorporate Solar Technology

solar_panelFrom SDB Magazine:

Records management company to mount more than 400 solar panels at its Clearwater, Fla., building.

SDB Staff February 21, 2014
Stevens & Stevens Business Records Management (SSBRM), based in Tampa, Fla., has partnered with Solar Energy Management, also based in Tampa,  to mount more than 400 new solar energy panels to the roof of the records management company’s Clearwater, Fla., location. The panels are part of a new 100-kilowatt solar system being installed at the facility.
“We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and utilizing new technologies as part of our business practice,” says Marshall Stevens, co-owner of SSBRM. “We believe our implementation of sustainable energy technology can have a positive impact on the environment, which can help people live well in the communities we serve.”
“Stevens & Stevens is utilizing the latest solar power and energy saving solutions,” says Scott McIntyre of Solar Energy Management. “Over the course of the 25-year life span, the system will save Stevens & Stevens more than $708,000 in energy costs and will eliminate 2,847 tons from their carbon footprint, which is comparable to planting 66,335 trees or driving 5,694,000 miles!”
In addition to this recent step in environmental conservation, SSBRM recycles the paper documents it destroys for clients. For every ton of paper recycled, 17 trees are saved, according to the company, which says it shredded and recycled 6.9 million pounds of paper in 2013.

Photo By Kate Ausburn
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