Still taking up office space with onsite storage of records?

img-legal-scanning-storageAre you still taking up valuable office space with onsite storage of your records? Smart businesses are moving their documents and information assets off site, making them more efficient, and saving budget dollars at the same time.

Technology has made it possible to reduce the volume of your paper usage, and give you better 24/7 access to your information, important considerations when you’re running a business. Are your employees spending a considerable amount of their day searching through filing cabinets or storage rooms for one document? A records management system, utilizing a secured, off site facility, can bring your business peace of mind and reduce the inefficiencies of disorganization.

Here are a few benefits of off-site records storage:

  • Barcode technology can track your information assets through each step of the process.
  • Information can be retrieved remotely and controlled by user for increased security.
  • Searchable online access provides easier management of documents and better customer service.
  • Records can be picked up, scanned or shredded, based on set guidelines established by the records management industry.

Don’t wait to bring your business up to speed. Consult with a records management professional today and find out how you can get out from under the pile of paper in your office.

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