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To shred or not to shred: That is the question

Some surprising items you SHOULD shred It’s one of life’s greatest questions: to shred or not to shred? There are certain documents which we all know need to be shredded—things like bank statements and pay stubs. But when it comes to protecting your personal information, there are actually quite a few more documents which should…

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What you can learn from the Marriott and Yahoo data breaches

It seems like a day doesn’t go by without news breaking of another data breach plaguing another company. A recent news story reported that data was stolen from up to 500 million guests who made reservations at Marriott’s Starwood properties. Cybersecurity experts claim that during a smaller 2015 breach, Marriott should have noticed unauthorized access…

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From creation to destruction: the life cycle of a record

Business Records Management

You thought life cycles were only for animals and humans, right? Turns out, records have life cycles too! Obviously, these life cycles are extremely different from one another, but all life cycles start and end the same way. So, what does that cycle look like for a record that many businesses deal with: an invoice?…

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PDFs Versus Word Documents: Which one should you use?

Should you save your next business file as a Microsoft Word document or as a PDF? Whether you’re writing a report, or drafting an article, odds are you’re using Microsoft Word to do so. It is the most popular word processing software out there. When you’re done writing the document, you no doubt save the…

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5 Things That Will Happen When Your Business Goes Paperless


  What changes when businesses put down the pen and paper and pick up the screen and mouse? A lot. Assuming you haven’t already made the switch to the digital-only (or digital-mostly), paperless,  world, you may be surprised at what you’re in for. Don’t worry, it’s mostly good. Show me the money. You’re going to…

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