Why Records Storage is the best way to start getting Organized

Records Management

Is your home or office stuck in records limbo? Do you have a room, or worse, rooms dedicated to stacks and stacks of paper documents or other improperly stored records? Getting started on a records storage plan doesn’t have to be a daunting task, and moving your data assets off-site could yield some real savings…

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When it comes to records storage facilities, there are differences

SSBRM Building

In today’s high-tech world, protecting your business records is essential. Without proper security and access, you could be opening up your business to serious consequences. Knowing that, when selecting a records storage facility, how do you ensure you’re picking the company that provides the best options? Since not all records storage facilities are created equal,…

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From creation to destruction: the life cycle of a record

Business Records Management

You thought life cycles were only for animals and humans, right? Turns out, records have life cycles too! Obviously, these life cycles are extremely different from one another, but all life cycles start and end the same way. So, what does that cycle look like for a record that many businesses deal with: an invoice?…

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