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From creation to destruction: the life cycle of a record

Business Records Management

You thought life cycles were only for animals and humans, right? Turns out, records have life cycles too! Obviously, these life cycles are extremely different from one another, but all life cycles start and end the same way. So, what does that cycle look like for a record that many businesses deal with: an invoice?…

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5 Things That Will Happen When Your Business Goes Paperless


  What changes when businesses put down the pen and paper and pick up the screen and mouse? A lot. Assuming you haven’t already made the switch to the digital-only (or digital-mostly), paperless,  world, you may be surprised at what you’re in for. Don’t worry, it’s mostly good. Show me the money. You’re going to…

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What Businesses Should Do Now To Prepare For Hurricane Season

Top hurricane forecasters have predicted 14 named tropical storms this season, of which seven will become hurricanes. Hurricane season in the Atlantic is fast approaching; the season officially begins June 1 and runs through November 30. With so little time left on the clock, business owners should prepare now to protect their businesses during hurricane…

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4 creative – yet ineffective – ways to destroy data

Humans can be very creative, and we have dreamt up some very original ideas. Some of those creative ideas have worked out. For instance, we have a flying transporter (aka an airplane), a social network that connects a billion people (Facebook), an antibiotic that saves hundreds of millions of lives (penicillin), and of course, the…

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