Retention Schedules: Is it time?

Your business has been running smoothly for the last decade. You have doubled in size, even hired a few more employees, and your workflow has been steady. As a result of all that hard work, you have also increased your customer database. As your clientele continues to grow, so does the accompanying paper trail. You…

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Purging The Paper

It’s easy to hang on to receipts, mail, documents and other records thinking that at some point in time you’ll need them. But clutter is one of the key drivers of inefficiency. The end of the year is the perfect time to invest some energy into reducing the amount of paper that has accumulated in…

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Are You Keeping All The Records You Should?

Barcode Tracking

Some documents are obviously important and don’t require a lot of thought on whether to keep them. Completed tax forms, birth certificates and passports should all be safely and securely stored so that when you need them you can quickly locate them. But there are other less well-known records that you may not be aware…

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Four tips to boost your audit readiness

If your business was audited, would you be able to prove that your records are in compliance with all necessary state and federal regulations? It’s never too late to put practices in place or make revisions to your current practices to keep your business in compliance. Consider the following tips to boost your company’s audit…

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Are you ready for tax season?

Tax Season

It happens every year whether businesses are ready or not:  tax season. As businesses work to file their taxes owners should also consider where tax documents should be securely stored, retention periods and proper destruction of old tax information. By having a plan in place that incorporates these items, owners can protect the business in…

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