Workflow Automation


Technology is rapidly changing how companies do business. Paper is being replaced by digitally formatted records, and what used to be a labor-intensive process can now be automated, reducing inefficiency in the workplace. Records management companies can work with any size business to build workflow automation into an existing workplace. Taking the paper that comes…

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Where to Start? How to take the heartburn out of getting organized?

Does this sound familiar?  You find yourself staring at a mountain of boxes, unorganized and piled in a corner of the office, a paper and cardboard monument to inefficiency and office chaos. Like many records that offices generate, documenting correspondence or transactions between companies and clients, once they’ve served their short term purpose, they can…

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Records Management made easy – key things to stay organized!

Whether you’re a small business with a few employees or a large corporation with thousands of employees the importance of records management is the same. Maintenance, accessibility and storage, and the proper disposition of out of date records is paramount to making sure your business runs smoothly. It starts with an acknowledgement that you need…

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